Caring for the environment
is caring for Houston.


It's time for the promises of Houston
to work for everyone—and that starts with actions
that respect our shared home.

It didn’t start with the four chemical fires that burned in Houston in 2019, filling our skies with noxious plumes, causing more than $1 billion in economic losses and injuring dozens, threatening the health and safety of thousands more and killing one worker.

It didn’t start with Hurricane Harvey, whose devastation led to at least 100 toxic releases that fouled our most precious resources.

The promises of Houston’s economic prosperity have long come with environmental compromises.

But what’s become clear in the aftermath of these disasters is that Houstonians do not bear the burdens of those compromises equally.

Comprising a range of Houston-based organizations working on climate change, clean energy, water and air quality, transportation, housing, workers’ rights, chemical safety and more, Our Shared Home is about issue awareness. Because caring for Houston is caring for our environment, we are talking urgently about all that threatens it and our quality of life — and we are asking our leaders — and you — to talk about them, too.

Floods do not discriminate. Air pollution doesn’t care what you do for a living. The threats posed by climate change to our continued prosperity, the future of our shared home, impact us all. And they’re here. We have always been able to come together when faced with a crisis. Now’s the time.






Caring for Houston is caring for